Where is the sample content and the free templates provided with the Ebook?

The sample copy can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the website. It is a ZIP file approximately 4Mbytes in size. If you only want the sample text file with the article titles, section and category descriptions, you can just download the text file which is in the Download section.

The templates may also be obtained from the downloads section.

You need to be logged in with the username and password you received when registering to buy the Ebook to access the downloads.

What is the checkout process? Do I have to register first?

Yes, you need to register and then checkout from the shop after adding the product to your shopping cart.

Go to the shop, add the product to the cart, login, and then fill in your customer details (address etc).  You will then be taken to the payment screen from where you can select Paypal or Credit Card as your preferred payment method.  Once you have paid you will be directed to the download screen.  You will receive an email with your download code for future use, and the ebook password.

If you have any difficulties with any of the above please contact us with your queries using the enquiry form.

How large is the ebook download file as I am on a dial up connection?

The PDF file is approximately 3.5Mbytes in size

When will the Joomla! 1.6 edition of the ebook be available

We are currently working on a new 1.6 edition of the eBook and expect it to be released on July 7th 2011.
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Are you planning a book on component and module development?

At present there are no plans for a book on module and component development, but we are keen to get input from our readers on your requirements for new eBooks.

At present we are working on eBooks about Building Joomla! Templates with Artisteer, The Joomla! Cookbook and Joomla! Super Extensions.  These will all be intermediate to advanced level books, intended as a follow on from the Beginners eBook. 

Please post any suggestions about additional Books for us to produce in the forum. 

I have spotted an error in the ebook, where can I report it?

If the error is a simple spelling, layout typesetting or similar mistake, please log it in the Errata section of the forum.

If there is a mistake in the advice or instructions given, please report it in the general section, together with the solution if you know it.  (Don't worry if you don't we will look into it and post a corrected solution).

By posting in the forum you will assist other readers who may encounter the same problem.

Thanks for your help.

Why are you charging for a book about open source software?

The ebook represents about 6 months solid work, which would not have been possible if it was not funded as a commercial project.  The purpose of the book is to help developers who are short of time to get up to speed quickly with Joomla!  Note that the O'Reilly books are all sold commercially although they cover largely Open Source software.

We will provide as much free advice and templates as possible on the site.  Checkout the downloads and the our Blog, and sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

5% of the purchase price of this eBook is donated to Joomla!

Who is the publisher/author of this book?

Learn Joomla! is published by Artonezero Limited, of London, England.  Artonezero is a specialist electronic publisher and developer.   The author is Mike Lloyd.  Mike is a very experienced IT industry professional with over 20 years experience of the electronic publishing Industry.  Mike has been working with Joomla! for over 5 years.  For more details of Mike's profile click here .