LEARN JOOMLA! A 2.5 Beginners Guide Ebook

If you have recently discovered Joomla! you know that the official documentation is fairly basic and can be quite difficult to follow for a beginner. 

Don't despair. Developing powerful websites in Joomla is easy and fast, providing you know how.

Our Joomla book Learn Joomla! A Beginners Guide contains everything you need to know in one place. It includes simple worked examples, clear step-by-step instructions to edit your web pages, build menus and templates, plus hints and tips to show you - in minutes - how to use Joomla! to build anything from a personal website to an ecommerce site with online payments - saving you time and money. Results Guaranteed  within 7 days or your Money Back.

You could be building a website with Joomla! with an hour. 

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Your book is fabulous, I haven't had the time this past week even to tell you that. In particular, the Preface part of your book had such an engaging voice ...
Amy Stephens, Nebraska, USA
So far the book explains things very well (better than anything else I've found).
Brett Davies, Australia
There are several books available on Joomla, including the free user manual from Joomla. However, Mike Lloyd's book, Learn Joomla!, is much better than anything else I have found. It is a practical, step-by-step beginner's guide to designing and deploying a website using Joomla. In fact, it was the practical quality of the book that convinced me to contact Mike to help finish the site. After I had the site up and running, I wanted to add a new feature to the site. I looked up that section in Learn Joomla, and it literally took me through every mouse-click. I was ready to go with the new feature in ten minutes.
H. Edwin Detlie Attorney at Law, Iowa, USA
The manual is great - and keeping me very occupied putting new and interesting things on the site...
Katherine Allcott, UK
I had been looking at Joomla for 6 months and had spent most probably 80 hours trying to find any information that actually included examples of sites that reflect what the typical ecommerce site comprises (and nothing that it doesn't). I'd given up - until I saw your book.
Ellen Friedlander, California, USA
... the book is very good.
David Faerman, Argentina

LEARN JOOMLA: A beginners guide will save you many hours of time finding out how to do things in Joomla, leaving you free to concentrate on building your site.

It contains all the information you need to get started in one place. This information is available scattered around the web on dozens of different websites, howtos and user forums, and it would take you many tens hours of research to collect and piece it all together.

It contains a simple worked example to introduce you to the process of creating a website, step by step within a few hours.

  • Learn how menus are the key to structuring your site and how to build them
  • Understand how Joomla! structures your information into Categories in a database and how to set them up
  • Understand how Joomla! templates completely change the look and feel of your site, and how templates are constructed so you can modify or build your own to meet your exact requirements
  • Learn how to install freely available software plug-ins to add a shop, a discussion forum and many other functions to your site quickly easily and cheaply
  • Packed with helpful advice and tips to help you build your website more quickly
  • Just as important - the eBook also tells you what Joomla doesn't do – again saving you time
  • It includes three free Joomla templates to help you with the worked example and building your first site

Please note: This eBook concentrates on the process of building a website with Joomla. It is not yet another reference manual for the Joomla! system. It is written by an experienced web designer who uses Joomla! to build websites.


Learn Joomla! is a brand new edition written for the beginner or novice who wants to learn how to master Joomla within a short space of time and use it to develop web sites of commercial quality.

From Beginner to Intermediate Developer

This book assumes no previous knowledge of Joomla! and provides a simple introductory tutorial worked example and over a hundred and fifty pages of step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to carry out the development of a web site using Joomla. It is written by an experienced web and multimedia designer, and the reader will quickly appreciate the authors experience in providing precise, simple and easy to understand instructions.

Joomla is a great program, But the official documentation is not as easy to follow as it might be, and the user interface (the Administrator Control Panel) can be difficult to navigate for a newcomer. It is quite typical for a beginner to Joomla to become very frustrated at her or his inability to perform a simple task such as inserting an image, setting up a menu item, or controlling the appearance of a summary view of articles when they are first starting, or be overwhelmed by the complexity of the program.

Race up the Learning Curve

Learn Joomla! A Beginners Guide leads you quickly up the learning curve and sweeps aside these initial frustrations providing all the information you need to go from beginner to intermediate developer in one place.

Learn Joomla! A Beginners Guide starts with a simple worked example, a typical 'brochureware' website with home page, about us, news products and a contact us form to get the reader into familiar territory as quickly as possible. Through the worked example the reader will be introduced to the core ideas and concepts behind Joomla!, and the way in which the Administrator's interface can be used to create various elements of the design.

Once the reader has a basic grasp of Joomla!, then the book leads him or her through setting up users and giving them extra functionality; adding in all the extra tools like polls, newsfeeds, and search engine optimisation that Joomla! includes, step-by-step.

The eBook opens up the world of third-party extensions with an advanced chapter that shows how to build a shop, create an integral forum, set up an e-mail newsletter, and build advanced menu. It includes recommendations and selections of the best tried and tested software extensions to Joomla!, from over 1,000 programs currently available.

Finally. but not least. the author explains in detail how to build a template for Joomla! and how to style it using Joomla! specific CSS, to enable the reader to design and create a unique commercial quality presentation to the website.

The book is packed with hints, tips, warnings and lots of insights into developing sites with Joomla, and has the answers to many tricky problem faced by a beginner.

Learn Quickly 

The eBook provides a fast paced learning environment. An experienced web site developer should be able to produce their first modest Joomla! website within a day or two following the instructions provided in this book. If time is money for you, then you need this book as it will save hours of wasted time searching forums and web sites for those insights and nuggets of information you need to get the 'lightbulb' experience for Joomla!.

Your Joomla! support partner 

When you buy Learn Joomla! you're not just buying a book but you are buying into a learning support environment. All customers have access to our support forum, a download files section and our informative blog, and there is a monthly newsletter packed with helpful information and tips. You will also receive three modern clean design Joomla! templates for you to use in your own projects, and which you can modify and learn from to build your own templates.

This third edition of Learn Joomla! A Beginners Guide is for version 2.5, the latest long term stable release, now recommended for live sites, as it is stable and supported by security updates.

5% of each eBook sold will be donated to Joomla! to support the development effort

Book Details:
Title: A Beginners Guide to Building Websites with the Joomla! Content Management System
Author: Mike Lloyd
ISBN-10: 0-9554450-2-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9554450-2-6
Format: PDF eBook, 196pp
Publisher: Artonezero
List Price: £19.95 inc VAT
Includes: Three free Joomla templates and complete Joomla CSS commented stylesheet

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